A memory of a nurse

A nurse asked me today some vital questions, one of them was if I have any mental loss be it short-term or long-term. To be honest I did not know how to answer that at the time. I see it as the question is not if have a mental loss, but if I have some loss. I could then print the answer to my brain. Yes, would be an answer. I would call it forgetting something. I tend to do that often. Like I was sitting here a bit ago and thinking of course; something happened in the 12th century BC and I can’t remember it, I know I was there and heard about it.

Memory is a good thing to have around. I do what I am doing right now just to exercise my electrons and storage areas of the brain. I do not know if it does any good, I am not a doctor of the brain nor any other parts of the body. I hear many people talk about exercising their brain etc. The doctors tell me to exercise my body daily and if they only knew or believed that my pains were not real, so very real. I stay as busy as I can and try each day to enjoy myself doing something. Enough about me and my ills.

It is a cool day but a nice day outside. Still too much pollen for me to go out and hang.

I must go out one more time today to pick someone up from their job and take them home. Then the car goes back into the garage maybe till Monday, not sure yet.

Later today I am going to figure some unnecessary expenses and get rid of them. I do not need a lot of what I have going on just what I enjoy doing. Sometimes our desires are bigger than our needs and with that we need relook.

One day with modern technology’s help we will all be reporting to a robot which will tell us what we are doing wrong and where things are located. Heck they have cars and trucks that can operate without a driver, male and females that do things that men and women can do. We as a superior guide are being replaced by robots. At least the monkey want have to go to the moon any longer or stars beyond.


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