I just ate one, well not the Kiwi.  I looked it up and here is the results:

Kiwi –an animal flightless birds of New Zealand from the Apterygidae family, the size of a domestic chicken.

Kiwifruit — is the fruit that is good to eat.

KIWI — is a radio station — is a Czech online travel agency

The interesting thing here one has to be careful how it is said or spelled.  I did learn a few things tonight.

Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day

What is a Mother’s Day?
It is the one day, sit aside to honor mothers,
Mothers and Wives are two of the most under rated jobs to have.

The Father is the contributor, the Mother is the producer.
The Mother gives birth, and here after is called a Mother.
She may be called Mom, Mama, and of course Mother.
The Mother is now a teacher, caregiver, and a protector.
She feeds, cares for the child’s personal needs, and protects the child.
It’s a Mother’s love that is given to the child, not for money or income.
A Mother gives so much because it is her responsibility to care.
A Mother’s love is ever lasting.

So to all the dear Mother’s new and old, now and then.

Let me say to each in my way here,

Happy Mother’s Day


A memory of a nurse

A nurse asked me today some vital questions, one of them was if I have any mental loss be it short-term or long-term. To be honest I did not know how to answer that at the time. I see it as the question is not if have a mental loss, but if I have some loss. I could then print the answer to my brain. Yes, would be an answer. I would call it forgetting something. I tend to do that often. Like I was sitting here a bit ago and thinking of course; something happened in the 12th century BC and I can’t remember it, I know I was there and heard about it.

Memory is a good thing to have around. I do what I am doing right now just to exercise my electrons and storage areas of the brain. I do not know if it does any good, I am not a doctor of the brain nor any other parts of the body. I hear many people talk about exercising their brain etc. The doctors tell me to exercise my body daily and if they only knew or believed that my pains were not real, so very real. I stay as busy as I can and try each day to enjoy myself doing something. Enough about me and my ills.

It is a cool day but a nice day outside. Still too much pollen for me to go out and hang.

I must go out one more time today to pick someone up from their job and take them home. Then the car goes back into the garage maybe till Monday, not sure yet.

Later today I am going to figure some unnecessary expenses and get rid of them. I do not need a lot of what I have going on just what I enjoy doing. Sometimes our desires are bigger than our needs and with that we need relook.

One day with modern technology’s help we will all be reporting to a robot which will tell us what we are doing wrong and where things are located. Heck they have cars and trucks that can operate without a driver, male and females that do things that men and women can do. We as a superior guide are being replaced by robots. At least the monkey want have to go to the moon any longer or stars beyond.


Truck Driving

  • Image result for semi flatbed trucks
    I am proud to say that I did this for about 19 years.  I owned a rig as shown in the photo.  I traveled 47 states when I first started.  I was alone when driving.  In 1995 I purchased my first truck from which time I was able to choose my own loads or places to go.  In the beginning I was under the control of the company haul what they said and go where they wanted me to go.  Once I became my own company I was then a lease operator.  I made good money at driving, however, a lot of cost and regulations involved with ownership.

Thursday: Day 6

A good morning Thursday: Day 6.

I have been looking at my calendar and I see nothing really scheduled for today.  I am planning my Mother’s Day post.  I am posting in honor of my dear mother which has departed earth for a better, pain-free life.  Is the after life a truism I really do not know but I was taught to believe and, therefore, I do.

I will continue my “Spring Cleaning”.  I think I will be working in the garage for a short while during early morning.  It should be cooler and less pollen floating around.  Then when that is done I will come inside and be on here for a bit then I will move around here in the apartment.  There is always something to do, like a restaurant – cleaning can always be done.

I may run to a store for a while, either to walk around a bit, or who knows buy something that I may not even need.  I do that sometimes.  Yesterday afternoon I received a call from a new doctor wanting me to drop into his office in July for a consult on my eye lids.  I am thinking that I will do that first before I let someone go into my eye and change lenses out.

I let have an old computer, laptop, and they have been driving me nuts because the passwords do not match with my current ones.  The sad things is that what they want to use is MS Word so they have to get into my outlook account.  I am thinking about doing something to bypass my requirements and just allow their activities only.  I think as the account holder I have full control on what anyone can do or not do within MS Office 365.

I blog a lot about me and my situations.  I do not know if it is of any value to anyone, but I do know the subject well and I do need to air some things for closure.  I hope to soon go somewhere and tell you some stories of my land, complete with photos.  A lot of history around here with all kind of plaques to describe the events.  Stand by this is soon coming your way.

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