Wednesday: Day 5

Today, Wednesday: Day 5, as I see it today will hold nothing new or important enough to disrupt my fun agendas for today.  I shall do my regular routines, they will be short and sweet as we use to say.  I’d much rather spend my time here at the apartment than our thinking about the unrealistic dreams.

It is again time to wash clothes, sheets, and a few dishes.  I may venture out and do the floors this week.  I also may work on getting some storage items out of the apartment and into my garage or at least one of them.  I may also go out to lunch tomorrow, my upstairs neighbor is now working there.  I know the food is good, been there before.  A little pricy but what is not these days.

Schools willl be out within the next few weeks.  I have no worries with myself, it will just contribute to more traffic on the roads and in the stores.  I do not do the malls any longer, I may run up to Best Buy sometimes or Hooters for a burger.  Most of the time I will remain at home doing nothing.

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