I hear this month is

I hear this month is to support out military active and veterans.  I do that anyway because I am a retired veteran.  We had/have a job to do and we were good at it.  I have no regrets.

I hear this month/week is support out teachers.  I do support those that really teach a valued subject.  Many course these days are having the truth hidden and the end result is not valid.  I know most teachers are handicapped in what they can do because the school districts or some law will not allow them to tell the truth.  I do support anyone that can stand in a class room each day and convey a subject to students.  I know I have no teachers from which I was taught living.

So when you are out and about say hello and thank you to someone today.  You might get some laughter from it.

To do or not to do

Many times in life I have asked myself exactly this: To do or not to do.  Mostly when I ask the question to myself it concerns medications, food, or something related.  I never get a firm answer about my concerns, mostly because when I see the doctor I am not prepared with my questions in hand.  As a result I forget about it because the conversation is going in a different direction.  I am wanting to switch some of my medications to one of my providers that does not charge co pays.  As of February 1, 2018, a new law became effective which requires it now.  I have one medication that I am not able to carry over because of what it is.  I will have to get with my medical professional and let them figure it all out.  It just takes so long to get in to see one of them and they are not cheap unless the time is right for the insurance to cover it.

So I am faced with the question:  To do or not to do.  I will figure it out.

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Current events

I do not normally make comments about the news.  But every once in a while I will find something of interest and I will opine about it.  I figure that they’re enough good/bad news out there that I do not need to try and make it worse.  I may speak of the stock market or as before employment issues.  I believe all people should have a job, may have to enter into something less than desired but take it then work out of it.  I know it can be done as I did it for years and I am very happy now with good incomes and medical benefits.  I ask no one for nothing today, but I have in the past.  Grow your education into a better job.  You can be who you want to be, just set a goal and drive toward it.