Tuesday: Day 4

Tuesday: Day 4 has arrived with nothing new to think about.  Well, I say that and at the same time my marbles are moving around, thinking.  My next doctor is the 14th at 10:00 am, I will be done with her in about 20 minutes.  It is another late morning appointment of which I hate because I have to stop what I am doing to make the time.

I am approaching task with a different perspective.  The outcome should be obvious within the next few days.  I believe in me and, therefore, I believe in the new approach.

I am happy about one thing right now, that is, I am not obligated to favors as I was a week ago.  It is a long sad story so I had rather leave it behind me for now.  I will not say never again, but I will say care to not do it.  I do not want that responsibility any longer.  I hate being used without appreciation.


It is Teachers appreciation week.  It is not possible for me to thank the teachers that I had for their great leadership.  I will be happy to thank those teachers that are productive and do teach great material to their students.  Good job!

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