Phone of yesteryear

  1. I do have one of the first cell phones to come into operation.  It was from Sprint.  I also have two of the old bag phones, I really liked them, however, they were analog and of course can not be used today.  I recall as a child we had one of the phones in out house like the one above.  You would crank, say hello Mabel, could you please dial Henry at the Davis store?  She would patch you to them and the conversation would begin.  It line would most likely be a party line, two or more people with the same line.  One thing for sure we had not driving and phoning at the same time. Less wrecks, but also fewer vehicles on the road.
    I bring this up because this morning I witnessed a rear-end collision because of a cell phone in use.  No one was hurt, well maybe the lady that hit the pick up in front of her may be sore in the next few days.
    Responsibility carries a heavy load.  Safety is common sense.

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