A rememorance

I have been sitting here looking at my cell phone, the remote controllers, computers, video cameras, CDs, and plastic bottles.  I began to think that all of this came about after we began to travel to the moon.  The more active our space involvement was the more lazy our free time became.  When I say lazy, it is not meant to relate in any way to being busy or work productivity.  It is just we no longer have to get up and change channels, we can sit and turn-on our electronic devices.  A CD can play many songs before it will either rerun or changed.

I remember my first computer the Commodore with not even a G byte of memory.  Heck today we have cars and trucks driving themselves.  We fight battles with drones, remote control aircraft controlled by far away control centers.  I am sure so much that we do not even know nor do I really want to know.  Having worked with classified information I understand its relevance and I respect the precautions to guard it.  So much in a life time.  I can not imagine the next 100 years.

I do know that some people have implanted chips in their bodies.  It is no longer finger prints and DNA.  But it is all working together to ensure that identities are a fact not a fiction.  So much to learn and time is running out.

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