Monday: Day 3

Monday: Day 1 has arrived, ok, so what now?  I will not be able to eat or drink until about 10:30 AM due to a visit to the doctor’s office for a test.  Why did I let them schedule me so late into the day?  They all know that I want early so I can get it over with.  I will go with it, again I may just go on to the doctor’s office and try to slide in early.  It will take about 5 minutes for the test.

Ok, not that is done what will I be doing next.  I will check with another doctor about a form that I turned into get filled out for send off to the VA.  Again why is it taking so long to get my papers completed.  Heck I can get the whole record completed and faxed sooner and cheaper.  The form is $25 just to fill out.  Ok, so this is my day so far.

I know some are asking why the Day 3 all time, why not just be content with just Monday:.  Well that is a good question, to be honest about it I have no answer.  It was an eye catcher.  I will have to work on that thought just to see if something jumps out at me as to why I use it.

Let me see! I have nothing to do for Monday as of now except for what has been stated above.  I will be working on the Mother’s day message and also the memorial day comments.  Both of these are dear to me because of the meanings.

Comments appreciated, likes also, and just enjoy a minute of wonder.

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