As they fly north for the summer

It has been going on now for while, natures travelers are returning to their northern homes for fun and good eats.  Birds are what I consider to be natures traveliers.  They pack up in the fall and head south, in the spring the are packed for travel and head north for the summer.

It is funny to relate the birds to the “snow birds”, a label given the people of the northern states that move south for the winter and back north for the summer.

The birds stop by to chirp a little, telling their stories to each other.  Then when the take off on the remainder of their trip the get into what I call the fighter pilot formation V and the leader leads them safely on to next stop.

At one time I had a water bowl and a bird feeder in my back yard, it was fun to watch them and their ways.  It was the crazy ones like the blue bird that keep flying into my glass windows 12 hours a day.  He or she had to have a headache when they went to sleep.

This my nature thought for today.


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