Another day gone by

Today started with me going to do a test at the doctors.  I went early in hopes of getting in early and being done with it.  I was able to arrange for the test early.  It took about 14 minutes to complete the test.  After I finished and left the building I came home to take some meds that I missed earlier.  I was also able to eat then also.

Later I went to the store and purchased a few things to snack on today.  I added gasoline to my car, then I came back home.

I worked on some of my adobe programs, I was able to figure one out and I made a form letter and printed it.  I want to sleep on it tonight and think through it, I would like to set up a task and complete a harder production.  They are not really that hard, I just have to figure the keys and action steps out in order to make them work properly.

I hope all of the readers and writers out here in cyber world had a great day.  I look forward till either later tonight or tomorrow being more positive with my results.

Oh, I did not say anything but grammar program that keeps spelling the words and placing commas sent me an email congratulating me on doing a good job the last two months.  Gave me a button.  So much for that, I am concluding this correspondence now and will be back soon.


Comments appreciated, likes also,

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