Sunday: day 2

On Saturday: day 1, I listed a number of things that I had planned to accomplish.  Did I? Well, of course not.  I as so many others do put off till today what I should have done yesterday.  I did wash dishes and clothes.  I did bag trash, just have not taken it to the dumpster yet, but this will happen today and soon.  I will most likely get a haircut later today also, I did gas one vehicle, the other needs some but I can still drive it a bit on what is in it now.  Did I vacuum the floor, no not yet, but that damage is also on the way, the machine is rearing to go and pick up dirt.  Anything new for today?  I may wash and remake my beds, thinking about it anyway.  So let me now get started, as tomorrow I am busy and it will be a long day.

Richard and his dome

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