Theme has changed

I am not sure if this better or worse, for now, it is subject to modification at some later date.  I like the master but I am not sure if I got the master when I did this.  I will work with it for a few days and see how I can modify it to make me smile when I see my work out there.  Practice makes perfect, but dang it is slow for this old man trying to do young things. lol

Webster, acronyms, computers has spoken

I sit here this morning and opened my dictionary, to nowhere specific, but high was on one of the pages.  As an adjective its use carried me over two pages.  A simple word and used a lot but when it is married to another word it has power and enforces a strong meaning.  High chair, High hat, Highway, and so on.  Now highway may not necessary be high as it goes straight, low, curvy, or even high.  It all depends on its topography.

Years ago I use to try to learn a new word each day.  Well, I was doing good at that until I never had a need to use most of them so I forgot the word and its meaning.  Then I had a job where I hardly had to use a word, it was always an acronym with a specific meaning for what we were doing at the time.  Just think, QRT, ZAG, IMI, each with their meaning could save lines of print or type.  The use of words as with the use of commas, periods, etc., if you do not use them correctly daily you will soon forget what they do in the communication process.

I knew a guy once that had learned to speed read.  He could read a book in no time and tell you all about it.  Others would take for ever to read a book and could hardly remember the page before.  Today in many schools writing is not even thought.  A computer is the only way to communicate.

I do not think a computer or calculator should be introduced to a student until the 9^th or10^th grade.  Why would I say that.  I see young people daily that can not even add numbers in their heads, “where is the calculator” just to add tax or an order card.  Learn the basics first then the advanced later.  Each is important to life today, but one without the other is not good.

What I said here is my opinion and just that.  Many others, smarter maybe, may have different ideas and that is great.  I will believe my way and they will support their way.  That is the educational way.

I give up

I have been trying to make a better look for my post but for some reason, I could not get what I wanted to come into play.  At least I changed some color and got the lines closer together than they were before.  So I guess I did accomplish something for my time input.  Now I shall move on to other things and return to this fun thing soon.  I will bring better content when I return.  I am going to get a brain transplant.  I must have cracked a marble in the last design.  Always something.

Sunday: day 2

On Saturday: day 1, I listed a number of things that I had planned to accomplish.  Did I? Well, of course not.  I as so many others do put off till today what I should have done yesterday.  I did wash dishes and clothes.  I did bag trash, just have not taken it to the dumpster yet, but this will happen today and soon.  I will most likely get a haircut later today also, I did gas one vehicle, the other needs some but I can still drive it a bit on what is in it now.  Did I vacuum the floor, no not yet, but that damage is also on the way, the machine is rearing to go and pick up dirt.  Anything new for today?  I may wash and remake my beds, thinking about it anyway.  So let me now get started, as tomorrow I am busy and it will be a long day.

Richard and his dome