Xsplit Broadcaster

I have spent most of the morning working with Xsplit, trying to get better acquainted with its operation.  I have had the broadcaster program for some time now and I am a life subscriber of it.  I also have the OBS program, a free one downloaded.  I use them both as I do Facebook Live.  Between this, the video programs, and Adobe platforms I stay kinda busy learning things.  Oh, shall I bring LinkedIn into the picture as well?  I do a lot of the courses offered on LinkedIn.  I thought I was too old to really enjoy new things but I have found that was only an excuse, so live it up while I can.  Just because I am on the downside of the sine wave does not mean that I have bottomed out.

So as I learn, and I once said on here, LEARN SOMETHING NEW EACH DAY maybe I am setting an example for myself by believing as I do.  I wish many years ago I could coin goals like that and lived them, who knows where I’d be now.  Probably right where I am now, having fun and enjoying life.

If you have a comment, like, or anything else feel free to opine.  Back later with some more words saying something.

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