A plan in the making

I am working on something for mother’s day and memorial day to present here that might be fun and maybe interesting.  I am doing it with MS Word for now, and then I can bring it over for publishing at some later date.  I tried something a few minutes ago with power point but I was unable to make it work like I wanted so I canned it.

I have a busy day today but only if I get up and go make it happen.  The hard part is to get myself mobile and accomplish the so many things that needs to happen.  A young lady that blogs on here daily put her activities for the day in a writing a few days ago, wow, I got tired just by reading all that she does in a day.  But I am sure the weight of so many things to do compared to the weight of nothing to do would even out within a day or two.  I remember production work, give me a goal to produce and I will strive to beat the goal.  A goal is a baseline, it is not the level of accomplishment limited by the act of the ability of those that strive to accomplish.

Make today a special day for yourself, the week is ending so do something nice for yourself like go out to eat, visit someone special, or just relax and feel good about what you have done this week.

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