Veterans Administration Claim

I think today I have about finished my new claim with the VA.  Due to some medical changes I have filed for additional support.  They have changed their procedures so I ended up calling them and of course can’t no answers but they keep wanting more paper.  Some of this paper is costing me money.  If I get the benefit then it will be worth it if not then it will be wasted.  Not really, but that is the way I feel sometime.  I will keep all up to date on my progress as it comes up.

Catch you on the replay.  I wish I still had this one.  But my Harley was bad also.


A small world

This morning I had to run to my home town for a filled out form to send VA.  As I returned to my apartment complex, I stopped to check my mail.  Well this lady was in the back of the moving truck just sitting and I began to converse with her.  She was born in Viet Nam, long since the conflict.  She was born in the town that I was stationed Nah Trang.  She said they ran away from there and got on a boat, then in a concentration camp.  Her and her husband are moving out of my apartments into one at the university where he works.  She thank me for serving and said that her family has no problems with America for what happened back then.  It was a small conversation and a small world with a thank you from someone with memories.

From then to now, what a travel it has been-part 2

After my wife and I were married, I returned to Germany following my leave because of my dad’s funeral.  Not long after I returned to Germany, I was transferred to Ft Gordon as staff.  I bought my first house while I was there.  I was assigned to the school as an instructor, but my voice did not meet the specifications required so I eventually was transferred to Korea.  I was discharged from the Army in July 1973.

I worked locally in my home town for a while then we moved to Houston, TX.  I drove a truck there for a while,  my wife moved back to Georgia and I moved to Nebraska and became employed there.

May of 1976 I went to an Elvis concert.  Later that month I joined the Navy:

USS Aylwin FF 1081James R. Argroves, USN

I started out in Great Lakes, IL, then Groton, CT, then to San Diego, CA, to all of my electronic schools at the ASW Training Center, Point Lama.  My first ship the USS Aylwin FF 1081 in Charleston SC.  I went aboard in GITMO Cuba.  On the way back from there to Charleston is when we got the word that Elvis had passed.

After a few years on board we went into a shipyard for repairs and upgrade, I transferred back to the ASW Training Center for another school.  I was assigned to the USS Trippe FF 1075 again in Charleston, SC.  While on the Trippe I was transferred to the USS Nicolson DDG 982 TAD (temp duty) for a couple of months.  We went to south Florida for a mission and ran a ground in the bay on the Atlantic side of Florida.

FF-1075.image.1015353  dd982_4

I was aboard the USS Trippe for a few years until it had to go into the shipyards for up grade.  I came due for some shore duty so I chose Recruiting duty.  I did recruiting school in Orlando, FL from which I was assigned duty in Memphis, TN.  I recruited for a few years and went back to sea, this time on the west coast to the USS Roark FF 1053 in San Diego.


The USS Roark was later transferred to Treasure Island, SF, CA from which I retired in August 1988.  After retiring I moved to New London, CT, to work for a government contractor doing work involved with my Navy duties.  This company lost the contract so I had to relocate to Virginia Beach, VA to another contractor doing the same job.  Worked as a System Engineer there.  They lost the contract also so I moved to Birmingham, AL and became a Semi-truck driver.  Later I purchased my own truck and until August 2007 I drove many miles over the road.  This is where I am today, in Georgia, retired, and enjoying life as much as I can.  I look back at my life and I say it was a good life many ups and downs, but I made it through, and even survived cancer.  I do have some regrets, but I have made the best of it.

This concludes my story of my travel through life.  It is my story and I am sticking to it.

If you like please push the button, if you have comments great will love the read them, and thank your revisiting with me.