From then to now, what a travel it has been

This travel all began on a Sunday in January of 1947.  It was a small town in Georgia, now with a full-time university and a number of large plants striving here now.  I do not remember if my mother was working at the time or not but in those days Georgia had the blue law which meant business stops for Sunday.  I will present my dad’s photo at a later time in this article.  As you can see my mother was a beautiful lady, me, on the other hand, was cute at best.

Mary Nell (Cash) ArgrovesRichard Argroves

I wish I had a picture of me picking cotton dragging my sack behind me through the field.  We at this time was living on a nice size farm where we grew corn, cotton, and other things.  We also did a lot with a garden and canning foods for later use throughout the year.  I recall a story of my granddaddy having stored some cleaning fluid in a coke bottle of which he kept in his toolbox.  Well, I was older and thought it was coke and drank some of it.  They said they got to noticing me acting strange and took me to the doctor in town.  I assume he fixed me.  I also assume that I learned a lesson from that event in my life.

Richard and rattle snakesPaul E. ArgrovesRichard and a friendRichard and a friend

This travel gets more interesting, at least to me, as time goes forward.  That critter in the hat holding two rattlesnakes, yes it is me.  I have been told that both snakes were dead, not sure but I hope so.  Another story was that my mother caught me squatting and talking to a baby rattler once and she ran out and fetched me right up.  I was at the age between the cute one and the snake man.

The next picture is a photo of my granddaddy that I never really knew as he passed about the age of snake man.

The third photo of the cowboy, not sure of the age, but it follows the timeline.  We did some of all kinds of things back in those days.  We really had fun in our worlds.  I had three cousins that lived across the road from us so we were all within the same age group.

My mother and I moved to another town about 30 minutes away.  She found work, but was sick a lot during this time period.  I started to school, met my first girl friend.  She was in the 3rd grade and I was in the 4th.  A wonderful lady and we still talk today, she has had a bout with a cancer as I have not the same type.  In face her birthday is next month and I always call her on her birthday and Christmas.

We moved back to my home town and I entered the 6th grade there.  On Feb 1965, I joined the Army, went to Fort Jackson for Basic then to Fort Gordon for Class A school.  From there I was stationed in Germany.  In 1967, my grandmother came down with a cancer and I asked to transfer to View Nam so that I could be with here before she passed.  I arrived home in December 1967, she went into the hospital a week later.  I departed for View Nam in early January 1968, just in time for TET offensive in RVN.  She passed soon thereafter.

James R. Argroves, USA

I completed my tour and took an early separation allowing me to be home just before Christmas.  I got a job in January of 1969 in my hometown working in a warehouse.  I really  enjoyed but I also was trying to go to college at the same time full-time.  I was not ready for that type throma.  In August 1969, I reenlisted into the Army, the same job and the same duty station in Germany.  I did work in Washington DC for six months before I returned to Germany.

James Lewis, Diane, and June ArgrovesBrenda Kay (Hancock), Steven, and Chad Argroves

In 1970 my dad passed.  I did not know him very well as he and my mother divorced when I was 6 months old.  Two of my three sisters are in the picture with him.  I came home from Germany but missed the funeral due to a communication error.  So I did not meet my two sisters at that time.  The second picture is the girl that I married a week after I got home, and the our two sons are in the picture with her.  We got married on Halloween.  She is a wonderful lady but in time we had differences in our marriage and we had to go our separate ways.

I will close this part here for now and I will reopen part later today or tomorrow after I organize some things.






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