Another day: Wednesday

Today started with interest, I had not removed my watch to charge last evening, I did my routines prior to bed, and I got up later than normal.  I feel well today, I just came back from the Wal-Mart across the street from my apartment.  It is rent time and Wal-Mart has the cheapest money orders.  My eyes feel better now that they have gotten over the dilation of yesterday.

I have been so aggravated the past couple of days by phone calls on two different phones concerning auto warranties.  I bet the same people have called me three days straight about extending my warranties on my vehicles at around $120/month.  I have told them many times that my vehicles are under warranties.  So I just hang up once we get past the how are you gig listed on their script.

Oh, the friend that I helped the other day, I am not sure but I think they got into trouble because being off that day.  I no longer take her to work.  I do wish the person well, and I know that they had almost gotten straighten out with their situation.

Till later today, comment if you would like, like if you can, and just have fun.

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