Another new day

Today I prepared myself for my morning of seeing the nutritionist then later the eye doctor.  Both went well and I am now getting over the dilation of my eyes.  WOW! All is blurred.  Driving home was the real struggle but I made it ok.  I hate the dilations anyway but that does give the doctor a view inside the eye to see what is going on in there.  I wish I knew.  She made pictures and said they looked good.  Did you know that they go to school 12 to 14 years just to be an eye doctor MD.  There is other words for the doctor but I will not try to spell them as I will mess them up so bad that even Wester want know who they are.

The nutritionist is cool, of course her concern is carbs.  I said yep I have them and I eat a lot of them.  They are like most other doctors don’t eat and you want to be sick.  I will give her credit she fits her job.  It has been a fun day visiting both offices.  Will do it again in six months.

Yesterday I was talking about the mail and I indicated that I did not care if they came or now as they are usually slow, well I also said come fast if you got checks.  I went to the box yesterday and I had an IRS check for $1.63.  IRS had ask me to send more in a prior letter, so I sent the $1.65 to them.  I will never cash it as it is too much work.

I shall be back when I can see if I am coming or going.  Enjoy