Bangladesh is a country in South Asia.  It is the eighth most populous country, Dhaka is its capital and largest city.  It is officially referred to as the Republic of Bangladesh.  The language is Bengali.  The government is unitary parliamentary republic and it was founded on March 26, 1971.


Canada is located in the northern part of North America with Alaska and the United States of America at the borders.  Canada extends horizontally between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.  It’s government is  Federal, parliamentary, constitutional.  On a return trip one year I was lucky to be able to spend a week in Vancouver, at the time the World’s Fair was there.  An enjoyable visit.  Canada is the largest country in North America, and second in the world behind Russia.  It is a major tourist destination, and one of the wealthiest countries in the world.


I can relate genetically with Ireland as my Great, Great, Granddaddy came over from there in 1853.  Powers is the family name.

Ireland is a sovereign state of north-western Europe.  It is also called the Republic of Ireland.  The capital and largest city is Dublin located on the eastern part of the island.  Dublin’s metropolitan area consists of about 1/3 of the country’s population.  The government is unitary parliamentary republic, Irish and English are the official languages.  Having travel there for a few days while I was in the Navy, I found Ireland to be a beautiful country and the people very nice.  At the time a bit cool and damp, but that is true the Europe when I was living there.  Ireland was founded December 6, 1921.

Billy Bob and Sally Mae

Billy Bob and Sally Mae are married now for about five years.  No children.  So they like to take off and travel from place to place during their vacations.  Their vacations are coming up within two weeks, and their plans are to travel out west for two weeks.  Someone told them that it is beautiful out west and the northwest areas.  Which it really is, the sun rises and sittings one can’t beat them.

Sally Mae is a good planner, heavy on the attention to detail, Billy Bob is lacking in the organizational functions.  Sally Mae is getting all of the medications up to date and providing enough to cover the two-week trip.  She is also dealing with making sure the mail is safe and not put into the box at the house.  She is consulting with the cable people and a few others to ensure that they are suspended for the two-week period.  The power must remain on to enable the alarm systems operational power.  The neighborhood watch are notified of their departure and return times.

Billy Bob, being the man of the house, is tasked with making sure the car is serviced and ready for the long trip.  He also is tasked with figuring the routes, motel arrangements in advance.  He is talking to some tour guides about what to do and see while on the trip mainly for ideas not scheduling anything through them.

Now all of the work has been done in preparations, the day of departure has arrived.  Excitement is strong at their house today.  It is 5 AM and the car was loaded the night before, so the two secure the house and get into the car to see America.  They begin the trip, leaving Georgia headed west for now.  They leave on Interstate highway 20 which will carry them into west Texas should they go that far on the trip.  They ride, stopping here and there, to Terrell, TX where they lodge for the evening.  Terrell is a nice little city located just east of Dallas.

They spend some of the next day visiting Dallas, looking at the downtown area, the buildings, billboards, and some historic sites also.  Then they continue west toward Sweetwater, Tx.  Now, Sweetwater is famous for many things and one of them is the rattlesnake roundup each year.  People come from all around to participate in the roundup.  It is not the time for this but still they’re plenty to do and see.  They spend the evening in Sweetwater and have a good dinner.  Tomorrow, they are not sure just what they will do so they are asking around and trying to make a decision.  We’ll see.