An Upgrade

I just carried my status up one, my second upload since I have been on here.  I think I will like it much better now.  So much more I can do.  Now I need to find more words to be interesting to readers and myself. lol.  So now off to a different accomplishment.


A bit of History

On this date:

1945 Benito Mussolini executed

1776 Colonel McIntosh writes to Washington

1810 Union general who advocated for black troops is born

2011 Jaycee Dugard’s kidnappers plead guilty

1995 Gas pipe explodes in South Korea

1789 the Mutiny on the HMS Bounty

1969 De Gaulle resigns as leader of France

1977 Red Army Faction trial ends

1996 Port Arthur Massacre in Australia

Many more things of interest happened but I thought it might be a bit of interest to name a few.  Nice to know content.

Happy Saturday

Today has started with interest and happiness.  My schedules are starting to come around to a logical truism.  Now if I can only get it working like I want then I will be so much better.  Routine activities are never my strong suit.

With a weather of good.  Pollen thick and messy.  I will deal with it by staying inside as much as possible today.  I have so much that I can be doing, no reason to go outside, so I should have a great day.

Happy Saturday and weekend ahead for all.

A word Partake

via Daily Prompt: Partake

I’m a bit rusty, but if I recall  being invited to a party, a meeting or some activity.  If dancing is at hand I would want to partake in the activities with a willing partner.  A table full of great foods, yes again I would like to partake in the dinning.  Just to partake in the beauty of nature.