A new day, A new week, and A new beginning

A new day.  It is Monday, nothing really happens on Monday except the mail is late due to volume.  For myself, the mail can always be late unless it is a check and it had better be on time.   I slept in this morning, dang what a great feeling.  I have not accomplished that is so long.  I am usually up at 3:30 or 4 AM and back home by 8 AM.  Today was so much different in that I had no obligations today and I made the best of it.

A new week.  Monday starts the week for me, it is as stated above.  Tomorrow, Tuesday, I have a nutritionist appointment at 7:30 AM, an eye doctor at 10:00 AM then I should be done until next week, I think.  Tomorrow is also payday for me, so I have to either hide or pay bills.  I guess I will pay the bills, if not I will be famous, phone calls, hot mail, etc.  I will pay the bills and be happy.  I will not be broke as I have enough income to sustain my lifestyle.  The rest of the week will be free unless I go around people wanting to borrow but not return something.

A new beginning.  Every day you get is a beginning of the day, week, or life.  You make the best of it and move forward in a positive manner.  Write something, read something, or just do something and smile the whole time you are engaged.  You will feel better and rest better later on.  This is what I do, it works for me so try it who knows it might work for you also.  Have a great week.

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