Today in April 2018

I can sit here today and say to each of you out there in the grand Cyber world that I have not accomplished much.  Why, one might ask, well to start with I do not work (retired), I have not felt 100% today nor last night, and I have been researching other things related to my Blog activities.  I am thinking about dropping at least one site, maybe two, but I have full confidence in WordPress, therefore, I am not going to change until next week then I am upgrading to the business level.  I will then be able to do much more with the level than where I am now.  I have found that I am able to pull material from my blogs into my Xsplit Broadcaster which means that I can put material out world-wide with a different venue.

Tomorrow and Sunday I plan to be on here a lot and if I can find a bunch of words I will send them out.  I would like to spread the words around and someone actually see them and say hey he is trying. lol.

I am about to sit down here and make up a grocery list for next week.  I order my groceries from Amazon and thru an online site here where I live which provides a 1-2 hour delivery timeframe.  When I do this I do not have to stand in long lines with a bunch of people pushing and shoving.  I have been do this about five months and I have had good luck with it and, therefore, I will continue to do it.  When I say good luck I do not mean any accomplishment but I do enjoy it, therefore, it what I want to do.


by James Argroves, April 27, 2018, @ 4:16 PM EST

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