Xsplit Broadcaster

I was having problems with it a short while back but I had a massive update to get installed on it and after seeing the problem I went to the main webpage and downloaded the whole program again.  That seems to be the answer for now.  I think also since I do not use it each day it needed some exercise also.  I will for now on exercise it and the other important programs each day.  A self fix is much better than involving a technician.  I use to, well I guess that I may still be, a technician and a system engineer.  I worked on computers and a massive electronic system while in the military.  I also wrote test procedures for the same once out of the military.

I enjoy messing with the broadcasters that I have and the adobe programs also.  I have learned so much from them. Stay busy and learn something each day I do believe in that approach to a sound life.  lol I’ve seen 4 years old kids that can operate a phone or computer and grown ups could not.  That was mainly because the grown ups would not try, scared of it.

Get you a broadcaster, even the Facebook, chats sites, play with them.  Communicate with love ones far away and watch them smile that you called etc.


by James Argroves, April 26, 2018, @ 11:26 PM EST

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