Sleep I need you tonight!

Tonight for some reason I am unable to sleep.  I am sure in a short while it will kick in and I will be sleeping like a baby, well not quite that good.  The funny thing is that normally during the day all I do is doze off siting in a chair.  Today I did not do that.  I just tried and now I am here spreading words around like sometimes do for the fun of it.

I have been tested for the sleep apnea thing and it was concluded that I do have it.  I do not know much about it, they say it is snoring a lot and stopping breathing while sleeping.  I do not remember doing any of that but they said I do.  I know with 20 years in the military and 19 years as a truck driver I have trained myself to be a lite sleeper by choice and I can hear an aint walk across the floor and know it.  I know that is bazaar to say it that way but I have to act with theatrics sometime.

Sleep if you hear me, please drop by for a few hours, I need you tonight.


by James Argroves, April 26, 2018, @ 11:08 PM EST

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