I hear a request

To the ol’ body requiring sleep,

Fear no more, I have come in good tidings

You, ol sleepy one, shall rest a bit

Gaining the rest that you need,

I have answered your request,

I am the grantor and you are the receptor.

Rest for now my friend.


by James Argroves, April 26, 2018, @ 11:52 PM EST


Xsplit Broadcaster

I was having problems with it a short while back but I had a massive update to get installed on it and after seeing the problem I went to the main webpage and downloaded the whole program again.  That seems to be the answer for now.  I think also since I do not use it each day it needed some exercise also.  I will for now on exercise it and the other important programs each day.  A self fix is much better than involving a technician.  I use to, well I guess that I may still be, a technician and a system engineer.  I worked on computers and a massive electronic system while in the military.  I also wrote test procedures for the same once out of the military.

I enjoy messing with the broadcasters that I have and the adobe programs also.  I have learned so much from them. Stay busy and learn something each day I do believe in that approach to a sound life.  lol I’ve seen 4 years old kids that can operate a phone or computer and grown ups could not.  That was mainly because the grown ups would not try, scared of it.

Get you a broadcaster, even the Facebook, chats sites, play with them.  Communicate with love ones far away and watch them smile that you called etc.


by James Argroves, April 26, 2018, @ 11:26 PM EST

Sleep I need you tonight!

Tonight for some reason I am unable to sleep.  I am sure in a short while it will kick in and I will be sleeping like a baby, well not quite that good.  The funny thing is that normally during the day all I do is doze off siting in a chair.  Today I did not do that.  I just tried and now I am here spreading words around like sometimes do for the fun of it.

I have been tested for the sleep apnea thing and it was concluded that I do have it.  I do not know much about it, they say it is snoring a lot and stopping breathing while sleeping.  I do not remember doing any of that but they said I do.  I know with 20 years in the military and 19 years as a truck driver I have trained myself to be a lite sleeper by choice and I can hear an aint walk across the floor and know it.  I know that is bazaar to say it that way but I have to act with theatrics sometime.

Sleep if you hear me, please drop by for a few hours, I need you tonight.


by James Argroves, April 26, 2018, @ 11:08 PM EST

Bill Crosby Guilty

I just saw a news flash that Bill Crosby Guilty of all of the sexual activities of which he was accused.  I as so many grew up with him being a roll model and even played as a doctor on TV.  It is sad that people, and I want just say men but both sexes, have to violate the trust of each other to get no where but prison.  I do not agree with any of this mess nor do I agree with the taking of life of others.

Another assumed good man has fallen to age old disgressions that were if really true should have been brought out into the open many years ago.

by James Argroves, April 26, 2018, 4:52 PM EST