Advise from experience

A friend of mine has been helping a young waitress, that we know, to get to work.  Naturally, in that environment, others have things to say that may or may not be in good taste.  And as expected rumors began and really got out of hand.  It is sad that people cannot see what is in front of their eyes and not dig deeper into the situation and make things up unfounded by fact.  Personally, I care less about their friendship as I have my friendships and I look for no one’s opinions.  Heck, my friend’s wife is around them when they go out to eat, the wife and the others even go out themselves when he is working.

I use to and still will if asked to pick up this young lady and take her to work, harassed, yes I was a lot.  Her husband trusted me to take her to work as he, she and I were all friends.  I laughed it off and kept on keeping on doing what I was at the time and will do it again if she needs me to help her.  She lost her husband about a month ago to an auto accident.  She is doing well now and we talk sometimes.

Advise from experience as I told one the other night is to just say nothing personal around the people at work or the ones you do not know well, then you can ignore the BS that is read into your life’s story by others.  All is good on the home front today.


by James Argroves, April 24, 2018, @ 10:23AM

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