A cool day

Today I woke into the darkness then I was able to watch a moderate sunrise.  Went to the doctor at Veterans Clinic for my check up and had her move some of my meds over to VA.  The Waffle House, VA Clinic were both cold then I just returned home and my AC is still on but was not running at the time.  I turned it off and returned the comfort back to the heater side.  Both the AC and Heater are set at 75º.

Health wise she (LCOL NP) was happy with the results.  I provided her with all my current records, labs, and readings.  I do see a reason why we should cross the same real estate twice to get the same readings and information.  I supply all my doctors with the information, some like some do not but when they ask for information and I supply it then they are not interested I feel like I wasted my time.

I go back in 8 months on a follow-up visit.  I always supply all my medical doctors with any new test, problems, and information that they need for working on me.

It has been a wonderful day so far it is 11:02 am and I am home.  My day has begun.

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