Trochilidae, Humming Bird


Rufous, Selasphorus rufous

A work horse of epic proportion.  Heart rate of better than 1200, life span of approximately 6.5 years, wings flapping around 50 times a second and travels far twice a year in migration.  They travel the same path and alone.  They may return to the same feeders.  The family of over 300 species and approximately 115 genera.

The Humming bird is a member of the Trochilidae family which represents some of the smallest of the bird families.

When the Humming birds mate, the male will move on to mate with another after the female is settled.  The female is responsible for hatching, training, and raising the young.

I use to take much pleasure watching them at the feeders outside the kitchen windows.  The Humming bird is able to reverse fly if necessary to feed.  Birds are interesting to watch and to learn from their actions and reactions.


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