Task now in motion

I am working on some new SEO material for my blogs.  I should have some of them ready for tomorrow and if I am right I will release them about 9AM.  Wish me luck and I have also spread my postings out to many avenues.

So until tomorrow GOOD NIGHT.

Trial and error

I finally deleted two domains that I had started in order to build a webpage.  I could not make them go away.  Finally I found a button that did just that.  They are now gone for ever.  If I had purchased the webpage package in the beginning I would still have the blog page and the cost would have been the same.  I guess it is a good thing that I do not just push the pay out button fast.

LOL friends I know I ramble on here but I am cleaning my head so that I can make room for better subject later.  Forgive me.

Anyway to say that I did not mess the whole program up too bad, I am here and I may be back in a while but right now I am going to just relax a minute.


Comment if you want, like if you can, laugh if nothing else.  All is well.

A travel for coffee

Previously I stated that I may not travel to have a cup of coffee with a friend due to the rain.  Well, I did decide to go and drink a couple of cups of coffee and eat a biscuit.  Back home now drinking a Diet Coke® while enjoying my newly found fun thing communicating on this site.

For a person that does not like coffee, I sure do drink a lot of it each morning.  I do not even make coffee at home, I guess because I drink so much in the military and when I was driving the highways I just became tired of it.  But from what I have heard I began drinking coffee at the young age of 3 months at the table. lol.