A smile came upon my face today

Yesterday with all the drama that I had to deal with over the TV sagas, Friday 13th zink stuff, today I was able to get communications with my little TV, went out with a short sleeve shirt, the sun is out and the weather for now is warm.  I have had a smile all morning because of this.  I am not a humor kind of person, I know many that can relax with laughter but I hardly ever get into laughter or true happiness.

I was just up at the office and a friend and I were talking about ghost that invade our homes and make themselves at home.  Yes now I do believe in ghost but that is a long time ago and my experience to share at a later day.

I do often smile when I feel happy about something going on in my life.  I live alone and therefore, I do not share my feelings out in public.  A good thing or a bad thing IDK  really.  I am happy with my life for the most part.  Depress sometimes from memories of the past.

Today my friends I had a smile on my face.

Thank you, drop a comment if you desire, like if you can, good or bad on bother I will be the same tomorrow.

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