GOOD Afternoon

What does a retired person do each day?  Well I can not speak for others but I can speak on my behalf.  My day:

  1. Get up early 3:30am
  2. Get around till 4:00am
  3. Check my bank balance with the computer
  4. Do some medical requirements
  5. Remove the car from the garage and drive 20 minutes to meet with other retirees
  6. Eat a meal, drink coffee and converse with others
  7. About 8:00am return home, get on the computer, learn Adobe, study on LinkedIn, check all mails, comments, and friend additions on Facebook, LinkedIn etc.
  8. Maybe watch some news or go to a doctor, eat through out.
  9. Answer bogus phone calls
  10. Do this and that.

Granted there is much more to do and I should do or will do in time.  I have traveled so much over the years that I can’t get motivated to do it again.  It is not as much fun as it use to be.  I enjoy my life now, I have the 10 things above to keep me fulfilled each day.  Yes I need a break sometime and 1,2,5,6, and 7 above is about the change.  I think I will be going to the gym and workout some, as the doctors tell me to do, and see how that goes.

Life as a retired person varies with each of us for whatever reason.  We can still enjoy it in out own ways.

Just a comment I wanted to make.  Should you read this and want to comment please do.

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