Friday 13th

In a few hours the dreaded Friday 13 will begin its journey for 24 hours.  I fear not myself even if many others will react.  In 2009, November 13th, a Friday, I had a cancer removed and all went well.  Chemo followed Dec 23rd for 6 months.  Today it has been over 8 years and as far as I know it is gone.

Now to add to this in 1970, October 31 I was married to a wonderful lady.  It lasted 7 years and two boys.  The city clerk did not want to sell the permits to marry because it was close to 11:30am on a Saturday and they were ready to go home.  We talked them into it and we then located a preacher on his to a funeral and he stopped by the church to give us the vows.  I think sometime about if ever asked the girl to marry me.  I came home from Germany because my dad had passed, got home to late for the funeral.  She was and is a very wonderful lady.

Good night to all and Friday will be ok.  Comments appreciated.  ♥

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