Doctor’s Visit

Today I had a follow-up with my primary doctor and he was also conducting the yearly medicare well clinic.  So many things were different today some of which I am not sure about the benefit.

A few weeks ago I had a visit with one of my other doctors and that visit included a blood test.  Well my primary did not receive a copy.  So I went to my Diabetic doctor’s office and got him a copy of the blood test, also asked about my two VA forms that I had left there to be filled out.  I carried the test to my primary’s office and came home.  Received a call that the forms were ready and went to get them.  I now have all in the computer.

Tonight I shall complete my filing with VA of the three forms that I have and my request for increased rating of my disability.

I have never had any problems with VA and I hope that I never do.  I will not use their facilities unless I am unable to use that of my other means.

I would like other comments if anyone has had good/bad results.  Specifics not required.

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