Doctor’s Visit

Today I had a follow-up with my primary doctor and he was also conducting the yearly medicare well clinic.  So many things were different today some of which I am not sure about the benefit.

A few weeks ago I had a visit with one of my other doctors and that visit included a blood test.  Well my primary did not receive a copy.  So I went to my Diabetic doctor’s office and got him a copy of the blood test, also asked about my two VA forms that I had left there to be filled out.  I carried the test to my primary’s office and came home.  Received a call that the forms were ready and went to get them.  I now have all in the computer.

Tonight I shall complete my filing with VA of the three forms that I have and my request for increased rating of my disability.

I have never had any problems with VA and I hope that I never do.  I will not use their facilities unless I am unable to use that of my other means.

I would like other comments if anyone has had good/bad results.  Specifics not required.

Taxation Without Representation

The overnment is wanting to tax the internet and our freedom to enjoy. They spend as much time on vacations with pay as they do at work doing nothing. I believe if they had no pay unless they work we’d have a better gpvernment. They need to keep the government less and leave our lives alone. My opinion and I have commented.

Futuro^tm Restoring Dress Socks

As a diabetic with problems in the feet and lower legs, sometime we are directed to wear compression socks.  At the drug stores they can get expensive fast for one pair.  I found the Futuro^tm by 3M to be a great sock for the occasion.  These socks sale for about $10.00 for one up to the knees.  I purchased the sock and found that I feel so much better in the lower legs and feets.  I am not trying to sell them nor take credit for them but I do believe in them and feel that others might benefit is someway.  Hope you feel better out there.