Another favor done

During the past year or so I’ve been helping a friend get to work in the mornings, I, also, help them when they need a ride somewhere, i.e. a bank, probation,  or whatever.  Today was no exception, I received a text asking if I could take them to the bank then to a loan company in another town.  Well, I was not busy so I did.  No, I did not expect anything for doing this favor.  A thank you would have been nice, but it got lost in the conversation as they were on the phone when they got out of the car.  It is all good, I am so used to it.

The crazy thing is if I was asked again I’d most likely do it again.  So I can say Another Favor Accomplished.

A new day, A new week, and A new beginning

A new day.  It is Monday, nothing really happens on Monday except the mail is late due to volume.  For myself, the mail can always be late unless it is a check and it had better be on time.   I slept in this morning, dang what a great feeling.  I have not accomplished that is so long.  I am usually up at 3:30 or 4 AM and back home by 8 AM.  Today was so much different in that I had no obligations today and I made the best of it.

A new week.  Monday starts the week for me, it is as stated above.  Tomorrow, Tuesday, I have a nutritionist appointment at 7:30 AM, an eye doctor at 10:00 AM then I should be done until next week, I think.  Tomorrow is also payday for me, so I have to either hide or pay bills.  I guess I will pay the bills, if not I will be famous, phone calls, hot mail, etc.  I will pay the bills and be happy.  I will not be broke as I have enough income to sustain my lifestyle.  The rest of the week will be free unless I go around people wanting to borrow but not return something.

A new beginning.  Every day you get is a beginning of the day, week, or life.  You make the best of it and move forward in a positive manner.  Write something, read something, or just do something and smile the whole time you are engaged.  You will feel better and rest better later on.  This is what I do, it works for me so try it who knows it might work for you also.  Have a great week.

Is sugar addictive

I asked myself this question a few hours ago, “Is sugar addictive?”.  I searched WordPress to see if any post about the issue had been written.  I saw nothing that really addressed the subject to a point where I could conclude an answer from the post that I found.  I Googled the question and I found many reports or studies that did satisfy my thought at the time.

As a diabetic, I hear often decrease carbs, carbs contain sugar.  A diabetic goes to the doctor, they will test your sugar count, take vials of blood to evaluate your good and bad blood condition.  The blood contains so much information that one with much knowledge could write a 1000 page book just on blood alone.  When the blood is tested a number is given to describe good or bad values of the test as conducted.  I see it as a large number’s game, I use the word game because it is hard to get 100% of the answers at correct levels.  The sugar level that most important to the doctor is A1C.  That number represents the last 3 months of what you have eaten and how your body has reacted to it.

Diabetes is a silent killer.  It can be associated with so many problems within the body, some of which you may not even know you are having a problem until it is too late.  I can relate to that from when I had cancer, I did not know that I had one before this doctor told me to go get tested.  I had a level 3 cancer.  Treatment allows me to be here today, 9 years later.  You may remember a few years ago Milk was the word, it is bad for you, it is good for you, but when you read the label 1% to whole milk it contains a lot of sugar.  Growing up, even in adulthood, candy, cake, etc sweet stuff all contains sugar.  Bread hight with carbs.

So, Is sugar addictive?  Many studies and reports indicate yes, some even go so far as to say more than cocaine.  So what is in the answer, yes, that we can change to break the addiction?  I am not sure if we started at birth to death that we could stop it.  Sugar is part of the diet each meal, it may not be called sugar but it is the same thing.

Oct 9, 2016, Healthline; Oct 28,2013, LiveScience; Dec 22, 2014 OP-ED; Jan 7 2015,; Feb 22, 2017, The Conversation; and Apr 2, 2012, NY Daily News.  are a number of articles that cover the subject.  Is Sugar Addictive. From my personal experiences, I do believe it is mainly because of some of the reactions that I have had when trying to quit or slow usage of sugar in my diet.  So ask yourself if you believe it is and ask many questions to find the answer.

I am one, I am me, I am not anyone else

I recall many years ago when I feared not, would do about any dare, and at the same time I was me and no one else.  In later years, high school age, I became different, well not that much, just more shy and held back in life.  If I played school football or some major sports I would have shined with gleam.  But my size held me back, my trust in myself held me back, I was not aggressive in asking girls out, I was use to the “NO” response; so I became shy and was no one except to myself.

I took a large step in life and got ahead of it – I tought, but boy was I mistaking.  I left that life, the job, school, and home and moved forward into a career.  I do not regret that move even if it looked like I was running away from myself.  I became more of a man at 18 than I ever was at the earlier years.  Yes, I worked from age 8.5 until retirement a few years back.  I’d cut grass for people in the apartments, ran two paper routes, sell bottles, pecans, and metal items for money to go to the movies with my girl friend and also to help my mother with expenses in raising me.  It was a life of struggle but much learning. On a couple of times with baby sitters, I was either molested or the attempt was made toward me.  I never talk of this but it is a part of my life so I now add it.  My mother who I loved very much has never heard that story.

When I finished my schools following basic, I was sent to Germany to work, live, and learn even more things.  I soon found that a small bottle of coke was $1 on the market and more in bars, a large beer $.25 and it was good.  So yes, I did turn to beer and I was in for an eventual crash landing.  I also discovered women and a different way of life.  Over time I was educated with View Nam, and other struggles in life.  Heck I learned then that I had been living like a king in comparison.  I completed my goal of retiring from the military, worked a few great job in civilian life, then entered the trucking industry for 19 years.

Now I am retired, doing what I do, what I want, and I do look back sometimes and I say WOW I made it this far now what?  I can also say and mean each and ever word of it and that I am one, I am me, and I am not anyone else.

The point that I am trying to make here is that sometimes we look and see no direction or end to our struggles.  There is a way to accomplish good, besides your GOD, have faith in yourself and go for the gusto.  You can do it, do not worry about the jones they will be fine also.