Hello and Welcome to my site: STREAMINGFORFUN.COM.

My name is James Argroves, I am retired from the military of which I served 8 years in the Army and 12 years in the Navy.  I also owned and drove a semi-truck for 19 years.  Let me make the record understood of my feelings here and now.  I love my country the United States of America.  I can stand for criticism, I do not support everything that comes out of Washington D. C., I have that right because I vote, I salute my flag, and if in another’s country I will respect theirs, I have been divorced and married once, I can be your friend or I can be your night-mere, I believe in my GOD and you can believe in yours, I say Merry Christmas and care less if anyone likes it or not.

Now I just wanted to let my readers know who I am, what I am, so no one will misunderstand me.  You all have my respect and full appreciation for what you put to paper here.  I enjoy what I am doing and I enjoy reading what you are doing and saying.  I do this for fun and relaxation nothing more.  Now with this all said, I hope to be an honest friend to all.